Lucitone 199 High Impact Premium Denture acrylic

Lucitone 199 has been the standard of quality in denture acrylic for years, and continues to be the strongest on the market.

Denture Teeth

We carry Ivoclar, Dentsply, Swiss, and Candulor Acrylic teeth in various designs to customize your dentures to your specific needs. You are always an integral part of choosing the teeth you want and you get to view them in your mouth before they are done.

Partial Denture Frames (metal)

Partial Denture frames come in an assortment of metals that can be tailored to a persons needs and budget. For alloys we offer Vitallium and Vitallium plus. When it comes to people with metal allergies, Titanium is the choice. The specific attributes of each of these can be discussed at your Free Consultation.

Soft Liners

Soft liners are for people that have chronic sore spots, sensitive tissue, or resorbed ridges, and it is designed to be more comfortable than regular denture bases.

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